Artificial intelligence at the service of law enforcement

The CABOLO® interview kit is the voice transcription solution for all conversations that require to be recorded reliabily and with confidentiality.
The kit, consisting of 2 to 20 wireless microphones, enables dependable and nominal voice identification of each speaker.
Audio recording and automatic transcription are synchronised and indexed.
The stand-alone device does not require any
internet connection and offers maximum data security.
Reliable and secure, the interview kit is the
optimal portable solution for interviews, interrogations, and court hearings.


An all-in-one audio, video, and text solution

Designed for local authorities for plenary sessions, hybrid and in-person, CABOLO® is a recording, transcription, translation, and automatic subtitling solution that is integrated with main conference systems.

This technology covers all situations where speakers are sitting distantly or not present in the same room.
In addition to recording, transcribing, and translating, CABOLO® allows you to visually participate to the meeting and follow the discussion through automatic subtitling in real-time.

Your conversations transcribed in real-time

Our proprietary +VOCE Automatic Speech Recognition engine represents the most advanced, customisable and complete system for real-time speech-to-text transcription.

Confidential Computing is at the base of CABOLO® and it is a stand alone device that executes audio recording and an advanced Speech-to-Text software in a hardware-based Trusted Execution Environment (TEE).

Connect & start recording.

CABOLO® features a powerful, multi-array microphone, which enables high-definition audio recording and supports the voice recognition of meeting participants.

  1. Easy setup, no internet connection required
  2. Option to integrate with existing systems
  3. Connect through our app on any device