How much does it cost NOT to have CABOLO?

With CABOLO you can:

  • REDUCE production time for minute taking by 50%
  • REDUCE minute taking costs by 50%
  • REDUCE time spent on transcription & translation of minutes
  • REDUCE document sharing time
  • REDUCE travel costs by transcribing and translating from remote working environments
  • REDUCE logistical requirements with a standalone device fit for the modern workplace
  • REDUCE admin as there is no internet required
  • REDUCE search time through comprehensive indexing
  • REDUCE your IT costs with our plug & play solution
  • REDUCE proof-reading time thanks to our Sincro.doc plugin with text & audio synchronisation
  • INCREASE the security of your confidential meeting information
  • INCREASE inclusion with subtitling any type of meeting
  • INCREASE workplace productivity!
  • AND FINALLY INCREASE your billable time by over €1,000 a week

Still not convinced?
Why not get in touch with our specialists and ask for a demo to find out the best fitting CABOLO version for your needs?

CABOLO has two versions with different prices for different requirements and it supports over 20 languages!