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is a product designed by CEDAT85, an innovative company and market leader in the development and implementation of the most advanced artificial intelligence and voice recognition technology solutions.
With over 35 years of experience, CEDAT85, using the latest methodologies based on Deep Neural Networks and Machine Learning, has been profiled in Gartner’s reports for:

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The Main Features

Artificial intelligence at the service of law enforcement

The CABOLO® interview kit is the voice transcription solution for all conversations that require to be recorded reliabily and with confidentiality.
The kit, consisting of 2 to 20 wireless microphones, enables dependable and
nominal voice identification of each speaker.
Audio recording and automatic transcription are synchronised and indexed.
The stand-alone device does not require any internet connection and offers maximum data security.
Reliable and secure, the interview kit is the optimal portable solution for interviews, interrogations, and court hearings.

An all-in-one audio, video, and text solution

An all-in-one audio, video, and text solution
Designed for local authorities for plenary sessions, hybrid and in-person, CABOLO® is a recording, transcription, translation, and automatic subtitling solution that is integrated with main conference systems.
This technology covers all situations where speakers are sitting distantly or not present in the same room.
In addition to recording, transcribing, and translating, CABOLO® allows you to visually participate to the meeting and follow the discussion through automatic subtitling in real-time.

Artificial Intelligence at your fingertips

Data protection

USB key storage system with AES-256bit encryption

Search engine

CABOLO® saves each word and timestamps them allowing you, in a few seconds,to search, review or listen any word.

With Language

Identification feature, CABOLO® optimises the transcription, automatically recognising over 30 differ-ent languages and alsobeing able to translate intoover 60 languages


With CABOLO® you can significantly reduce tran-scription time and optimise the work of your team in different departments

Sample Heading

Tailor-made solutions

Customisable language models for the customer’s requirements.
Integration with professional audio-visual systems


CABOLO® delivers documents in Word, PDF, SRT, XML, and HTML5
formats of which the HTML file, like a multimedia document,
comes with point-and-click audio and text synchronisation


CABOLO® is compatible with any audio-video
solution already available (it supports the DANTE protocol) and can be integrated with the main videoconferencing systems (SIP) videoconferencing systems (SIP)


With CABOLO® immediate transcription is possible.

The return on investment is between 2 and 4 months thanks to dedicated offers for any need, depending on the PRO and LITE versions

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Case Studies

Sant’Alessio Regional Centre

Sant’Alessio Regional Centre

The Challenge Thanks to co-financing from the European Social Fund,



The Challenge Mediaset’s requirements were the creation of an indexed

Italian Chamber of Deputies

Italian Chamber of Deputies

The Challenge Before the use of Cedat85 technologies, the audio

British Library

British Library

The Challenge The British Library has a rich heritage: an



The Challenge The requirement was to equip the Téleperformance call

European Parliament

European Parliament

The Challenge The European Parliament launched an international tender to

Italian Ministry of the Interior

Italian Ministry of the Interior

The “S.I.N.D.A.C.A.” project (Informative Documentation System for the Asylum Commissions’

Emilia Romagna Region

Emilia Romagna Region

The Challenge The Emilia Romagna Region decided to adopt an